The New Peter Gabrielz

Less sledgehammers, more quirky badassery.

Each of their songs starts off vaguely interesting, but something about the electronic loops and friendly vocal tone keeps you there until it ends.

I think I want more.



A dozen years ago I was at a show at The Fonda. I believe I was there back when I worked for The Sounds’ record label. The Sounds were supporting Rooney.

Outside the venue, after the show, someone was handing out a free demo cd that had been burned on their computer.

I’ll always take a free demo.

If nothing else, it’s worth a laugh.

I listened to this one over and over and over.

The band was called Everybody Else. I love them.

Carrick was their lead singer, and likely was really the entirety of the project.

Now he’s kickstarting his own record. Here is a song.

Random side note… 6 years ago Taylor Locke, lead guitar player from Rooney, formed a band called The Roughs. Their drummer was the former Everybody Else drummer, Mikey.


Nate Ruess

I’ve posted about The Format.

I’ve posted about Fun.

I’ve posted about Bleachers.

I guess I can’t not post Nate Ruess’ new solo single release.

As good as he always was. As good as he always is.