A dozen years ago I was at a show at The Fonda. I believe I was there back when I worked for The Sounds’ record label. The Sounds were supporting Rooney.

Outside the venue, after the show, someone was handing out a free demo cd that had been burned on their computer.

I’ll always take a free demo.

If nothing else, it’s worth a laugh.

I listened to this one over and over and over.

The band was called Everybody Else. I love them.

Carrick was their lead singer, and likely was really the entirety of the project.

Now he’s kickstarting his own record. Here is a song.

Random side note… 6 years ago Taylor Locke, lead guitar player from Rooney, formed a band called The Roughs. Their drummer was the former Everybody Else drummer, Mikey.


Nate Ruess

I’ve posted about The Format.

I’ve posted about Fun.

I’ve posted about Bleachers.

I guess I can’t not post Nate Ruess’ new solo single release.

As good as he always was. As good as he always is.